The Academy of Regenerative Medicine offers a 3-day body detoxification program.

People die not of old age, but of diseases. A modern man strives to stay young and healthy as long as possible. Detox therapy will help you achieve this goal!

The Academy of Regenerative Medicine offers a 3-day body detoxification program. Procedures will be performed only in a deluxe room. The program includes the colon cleansing,  liver cleanse, parasite cleanse, prevention and slowdown of inflammatory processes, as well as the use of original herbal mixtures to cleanse the body. This is the most effective body detoxification program which helps to eliminate many negative processes in the body and stimulate the immune system by using many natural methods of regenerative medicine in one place, without leaving the room.

A 3-day course can last  from Monday to Wednesday or from Thursday to Saturday.

The cost of a 3-day program is EUR 900 Promotion – EUR 750 (procedures, accommodation, meals, a set of herbal mixtures and a set for the liver cleansing).

Note! 30% discount on all services until 1st Nov 2021

The reservation fee for a body detoxification course is EUR 400 per patient.

If a patient comes to the Academy of Regenerative Medicine on the stipulated date the reservation fee will be adopted as a part of the cost of the course of body detoxification paid in advance. If a patient doesn’t come to the Academy on the stipulated day of arrival it will be considered as a non-refundable reservation fee.

Applications will be accepted electronically when filling out the booking form on our website.  You can also ask us your questions about your visit to our Academy by e-mail: [email protected] or by phone: tel., Viber, WhatsApp: +7(985) 387-83-02 Contact person: Aleksander Haretski

Every applicant must provide detailed information about himself and his health problems.

The cost of each course includes all calendar days (working days, weekends and holidays), depending on the chosen body detoxification course. If the patient undergoes fewer procedures recommended to him or reduces the number of days of his previously paid course of body detoxification, the cost of this course remains unchanged and cannot be reduced and refunded.

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