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My method

[:en]The use of this multi-purpose body regeneration method allow us to have an integrated impact on the whole body at once rather than on its separate damaged parts, cleanse the body of harmful toxins, eliminate the main causes of diseases, boost the immune system, provide the body with all nutritional substances that it needs to fight against a disease, change the program of “incurability” in the subconscious mind. And it also allows us to launch the mechanisms of body regeneration and self-healing in patients with practically any disease and at any age. In using this body regeneration method, we have been able to see a high percentage of patients fully recovered from diseases deemed “curable”, and have also seen as much as 80% healing of diseases deemed “incurable” as well as some genetic diseases. Our body regeneration method, unparalleled anywhere else in the world, is the only effective one for treatment of many incurable diseases.

The society we live in today consists mainly of people suffering from various diseases. The main reason for this is the difficulty on modern medicine’s ability to find and eliminate all the causes that lead to the occurrence of one or more of these diseases. Another problem stems from the practice of treating each organ separately, rather than the treating and healing the whole body at once. This leads to the inefficient promotive fight against various symptoms of various diseases.

We don’t treat each disease and each damaged organ separately. We treat the whole body at once. In fact, a disturbance in one organ function may lead to problems affecting many other organs and systems of the body.

Many diseases have similar causes and factors that aggravate their symptoms. They are a compromised immune system, various viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasitic worms (helminths), hormonal disorders, spine disorders, undernutrition, unfavorable environmental conditions and many others. Our approach to the treatment of various diseases is to effectively eliminate all the possible causes of a particular disease at once. We have managed to create our own algorithm of treatment that allows us to gradually eliminate all the causes of diseases and restore all the damaged parts in the human body. Only an integrated impact on the whole body at once rather than on its separate damaged parts, the use of only natural methods and our own know-how developments for this purpose allow us to effectively fight against various diseases and avoid their recurrence.

We don’t improve the well-being of our patients (that’s what every sick person wants), we do everything the other way round – we stimulate the occurrence of aggravation (that’s what all the patients don’t like and all the doctors fight against), activate the immune system and encourage it to fight against various diseases. The immune system of each patient becomes 10 times stronger than the immune system of any healthy person and allows us to launch potential reserves of the human body. As a result, biochemical processes in the human body will be changed. The connection between the immune, lymphatic, nervous and hormonal systems will be restored. The human body with the strong immune system can restore itself after practically any disease and at any age. The human body is the most perfect self-healing organism on the planet.

When starting new treatment, everyone wants to achieve quick and visible results. Patients of our Academy of Regenerative Medicine begin to recover gradually, step by step from absolutely incurable diseases during the first course of regenerative therapy. Their treatment is accompanied by alternating periods of improvement and deterioration. Nobody can tell you exactly how long the regeneration process will last.

We are able to achieve very good results of treatment in case of mild and intermediate forms of a disease, especially if it’s treated in an early stage. We are able to completely cure such terrible diseases as cancer, Muscular dystrophy and Parkinson’s disease in the early stages during one course of regenerative therapy in our Academy. But the problem is that we have patients mainly with severe, extensive-stage diseases.But even in these cases, we are able to save many lives. But this is an exception as the regeneration process is very long-lasting and if vital organs are very affected by a disease there is little chance of recovery when using any method of treatment.

The success of treatment also depends on the patient’s mental state, his belief in God, in his own strength, in healing.

There were cases when our patients were in serious condition and we managed not only to halt the progress of their diseases within one course of regenerative therapy but also to restore many of lost body functions. But the results of treatment of patients with mild diseases were often minimal because they were in a disturbed state of mind. They were severely depressed and programmed that their diseases were incurable. They were undergoing treatment but they didn’t believe in its success. It’s impossible to cure the body without the soul! Faith heals! It’s possible to restore vital body functions only if a patient himself wants badly to overcome his disease.Strong faith in God and belief in healing launch internal physiological processes in the body which can overcome a seemingly incurable illness. The use of our method of the self-programming of the subconscious mind allows our patients to change programs of „incurability” in their subconscious mind which have blocked the restorative functions of the body, to harmonize the body, spirit and soul, and also to believe in healing.

One of the main distinctions of our body regeneration method is the complete lack of any medications. All medicinal drugs and methods of treatment available in modern medicine don’t allow the body to heal itself and they disrupt normal body functions, stop or slow down the development of some vital processes in the body, including the development of cell regeneration processes in the whole body. In most cases, these therapies aim only to eliminate visible symptoms of a disease rather than its causes. As a result, only a temporary improvement of health rather than a full recovery can occur. The disease continues its destructive work in the body, progresses gradually and becomes chronic incurable. The use of ineffective medicinal drugs leads only to the prosperity of pharmaceutical companies and causes irreparable harm to sick people.

We have completely eliminated the use of any drug therapies, the use of which is very often ineffective, accompanied by side effects and it often causes only harm to the body. Our body regeneration method consists of more than 30 unique, previously unused natural methods of treatment and our own know-how developments: the extract from jellyfish, antidotes, balsams, biostimulators, ointments, oils, medicinal mushroom tinctures, healing sets of medicinal plants. The most important advantage of these developments is that up to date the use of these developments has revealed no adverse effects. They have no contraindications. It allows us to use them successfully for the treatment of patients with different diseases, both adults and children. Classical techniques of natural medicine which many doctors do not recommend to use some patients with certain diseases have been improved by the specialists of our center. They have become more effective and absolutely safe to health.

The use of simple harmless natural methods of treatment and our own know-how developments allows us to achieve previously unknown results of restoration of diseased or damaged tissues via activation of endogenous stem cells. The human body starts to produce a large number of its own stem cells that replace all damaged cells in the body. Millions of sick people suffering from incurable diseases will have an opportunity not only to temporarily improve their health, but also to get rid of their severe diseases forever.

Until now, it has been believed that the human body loses its ability to regenerate with aging and, first of all, it stops to regenerate cells of the nervous system. We have proven in practice the falsity of this statement. The unique results of body rejuvenation and treatment of chronic incurable diseases in the young and elderly, achieved by us in our center, have allowed us to draw a conclusion: when using our body regeneration method the process of body regeneration and rejuvenation in the elderly occurs as quickly and efficiently as in our younger patients. Based on these facts we can assert that our body regeneration method can claim not only the title of the most effective method for treatment of many incurable diseases, but also the title «The Elixir of Youth». This unique body regeneration method allows us to slow the aging process and replace the name of many “incurable diseases” with “curable diseases”. The use of this technique offers an opportunity to give people a new lease on life at minimal cost.

Most people live in the moment. They are not concerned about their health and the health of those close to them. They seldom take care of their health during their lifetime and in most cases, they only take some restoratives and vitamins which often do not have any beneficial effect on the body, and are just well-advertised goods. We recommend you and your loved ones to undergo a course or regenerative therapy for health prevention in our Academy once a year and you will forget about the flu and any other cold-related illnesses for the whole year. A man must take care of his health throughout his life. He must eliminate minor disorders in the body. And with age, it is necessary to take care of the health with greater responsibility.

Serious disadvantages of our body regeneration method are its labour intensity as well as lack of the possibility to use it for self-treatment at home. The everyday hard work of our specialists and our patient as well as his belief in healing is a pledge of his recovery. The use of this body regeneration method will be ineffective if a patient doesn’t believe in its effectiveness, if he is indifferent to his health problems, if he has already thrown his hands up and does not strive to overcome his severe disease. Only the integrated use of all the elements of our body regeneration method and belief of the patient and his loved ones in healing allow us to achieve effective results of treatment.

It’s not deniable that modern medicine has stepped into the 21st century with a wide range of modern diagnostic equipment which allow physicians to make a diagnosis and determine the degree of impairment in the body more accurately. Patients usually come to our center with previously determined and repeatedly confirmed diagnosis. The distinction of our body regeneration method is that a diagnosis itself is not so important for us as it’s important for specialists of classical modern medicine. The most important thing for us is to determine all the possible causes of a certain disease and the degree of damage of organs and systems, to estimate the physical and energetic potential of the body. If necessary, in addition to previously done medical tests, our patients can undergo diagnostic procedures with the help of modern medical diagnostic equipment and we also perform “Palpation of muscles and acupuncture points” which allows us to analyze and examine the functional activity of organs, energy channels, to detect areas with a disturbance of energy flow in them. The specialists of our center have super powers and can examine the patient with their hands. They have the gift of clairvoyance, highly developed intuition and strong analytical thinking skills. All these factors as a whole allow them to make an accurate diagnosis, to determine all its possible causes and draw up a proper treatment plan.

Types of required regenerative procedures and their number are determined during the initial consultation depending on the need to achieve a certain goal. All regenerative procedures are performed according to the chosen course of regenerative therapy. The uniqueness of our regenerative method is that all our patients, regardless of age and disease severity, undergo 90% of the same procedures which allow us to achieve some positive results of treatment even during the first days of their treatment in our Academy.

Antibacterial therapy.
Swimming pools.
Bio-energy therapy.
Bioenergetic massage.
Vision restoration.
Intestinal microflora restoration.
Galvanic mud cure.
Detoxification (antidotes and detoxicants).
Cupping therapy.
Chinese Gua Sha massage with special healing oils.
Chinese pressure point full body massage.
Chinese pressure point foot massage.
Classical massage.
Calefacient compresses.
Nettle therapy.
Cryotherapy and cold water body tempering.
Healing ointments and oils.
Remedial gymnastics.
Magnetic therapy.
Manual therapy.
Honey massage.
Jellyfish therapy.
Massages in a mechanical massage chair.
Mechanotherapy (a gym).
Music therapy.
Wet sheet packs.
Body cleansing.
Underwater massage.
Mineral water consumption.
Antiparasitic therapy.
Anticancer therapy.
The self-programming of the subconscious mind.
Sauna procedures.
Terrainkur (therapeutic walking).
Phytotherapy (special herbal tea).
Electro-galvanic baths.
Electropuncture electrophoresis with biostimulators.
Therapy for diseases of the genitourinary system.