Regeneration • Healing • Rejuvenation

Master of Bioenergy Therapy

Master of Bioenergy Therapy by Komisja Egzaminacyjna Izby Rzemieślników i Przedsiębiorców w Kielcach

"Bioenergotherapist is a person who transmits life energy to their patients. A person with a strong biofield, like a power supply, loads a weakened patient biofield. The patient’s biofield activates the body scan functions and transmits this information to the brain and then to all cells. By getting into patient’s biofield, the healer provides information about his health to the patient. Patient’s biofield reads these data, analyzes differences, and then finds their defects, which previously did not pay attention to the patient’s body. Bioenergotherapist by putting his hands on the body of a sick person, as well as by focusing his thoughts on treatment, starts the healing process. Speaking simply, the patient receives new software. In this way, the healing and rejuvenating mechanism is activated."
Aliaksandr Haretski

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