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Aliaksandr Harecki was born on 28th of August in 1964 in Czerwień (Belarus) – belarussian bioenergotherapist and healer practicing alternative, natural and regenerative medicine (naturotherapy, bioenrgotherapy, apitherapy, ortopathy, acupressure, phytotherapy, electrostimulation, chiropractic, cryotherapy, detoxification, of the body, anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic therapy). Creator of the authorial, comprehensive method of organ regeneration, biological rejuvenation of the body and integrated healing of chronic, incurable diseases and senility. Founder of the Academy of Regenerative Medicine in Poland. (2010)


Aliaksandr Haretski

Aliaksandr Haretski was born on 28th of August 1964 in Czerwień (Belarus), where he spent his childhood and youth. He graduated from the technical university in Minsk in 1990. He was interested in naturotherapy from the early years of his youth. Since 2009, he has been actively involved in unconventional medicine and bioenergotherapy using an authorial, comprehensive method of human organs regeneration, biological body rejuvenation and integrated healing of chronic diseases, recognized by conventional medicine as incurable. From 2010 he is a rector founded by himself Academy of Regenerative Medicine, which implements an effective, new practice in regenerative medicine and treatment of neurological diseases. Implementing his activity in the field of natural medicine, he has been perfecting himself achieving numerous scientific titles: Master of bioenergotherapy, exam passed in Kielce 2009, Professor of the Department of Neurology of the International University of Natural Sciences in Hannover, Germany(2014), honorary member of the international organization “Naturopaths without Borders”(2014), he received honorary membership and was awarded the medal of “The outstanding naturopath of Europe” in 2014, he was awarded with F.A Messmer medal (2014), he was awarded The Hippocrates medal for his contribution to the development of medicine, he also received a letter of thanks from Pope Francis for his scientific contribution. The author of the book “A practical guide of rejuvenation and complete healing of diseases and cancer”.



The secret of the comprehensive regeneration of the body practiced in The Academy of Regenerative Medicine is the holistic impact on the body, subconscious, mind and soul of the sick person.

„As you ought not to attempt to cure the eyes without the head, or the head without the body, so neither ought you attempt to cure the body without the soul.» (Socrates)

We have developed an integrated method based on the gradual restoration of all body functions and regeneration of all damaged body parts. We have been using it successfully for the treatment of incredibly complicated diseases with the help of harmless natural methods in our center for several years. It’s possible not only to stop the development of severe and incurable diseases (this is a fervent wish of many sick people), but also to replace old sick organs with new healthy ones without any surgery even after undergoing 2-3 courses of body regeneration in our Academy and under the stipulation that a patient implements all the recommendations at home. This is the process of body regeneration and rejuvenation that we deal with. This body regeneration method is unparalleled anywhere in the world! Few people believe that it’s possible. In fact, when stimulating the immune system, the human body starts to produce a large number of its own stem cells. Therefore, old and damaged cells will be almost completely replaced with new ones in organs in a very short time. Scar tissue cells will be transformed into new healthy cells in damaged body parts. As a result, all the organs and the whole human body will be completely revived again without any surgery,transplantation of stem cells, human organs and tissues, irradiation, poisoning from various medications, hormonal preparations and chemotherapy.

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The Academy of Regenerative Medicine – not only is a place of prophylactic treatment but also scientific research and training facility. The Academy works based on the authorial method of the founder, which consists in comprehensive human organ regeneration, biological body rejuvenation and integrated healing of chronic diseases and slowing down senile processes with the help of natural medicine. The Academy effectively uses the discoveries of Aliaksandr Haretski in the fields: regeneration and rejuvenation of the whole organism, non-surgical facelift, healing of incurable diseases ( cerebral palsy, systemic lupus erythematosus, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, myopathy, cancer), healing diseases of the spine, eye diseases, heart defects, strengthening the body with herbs, fungi and other natural, safe ways, effective weight loss and human polarization.

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[:pl]Order „Hipokratesa”[:en]”Hippocrates” medal[:ru]Oрденом “ГИППОКРАТА”[:]

[:pl]Odznaczony orderem „Hipokratesa” za wkład w rozwoj medycyny (more…)...

[:pl]Europejski Instytut Badań Interdyscyplinarnych i Edukacji w Hanowerze[:en]Department of neurology of the International University of Science in Hannover[:ru]Европейского института междисциплинарных исследований и образования в Ганновере, Германия[:]

[:pl]Doktor naturopatii medycyny komplementarnej Europejskiego Instytutu Badań Interdyscyplinarnych i Edukacji w Hanowerze Praca doktorska na temat „Nowe podejście do leczenia chorób neurologicznych”   [:en]Doctor of naturopathy/ complementary medicine of the Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies in Hannover, Germany. The theme of his doctoral dissertation was „A New Approach to the Treatment of Neurological Diseases”   [:ru]Кандидат наук в области натуропатии / комплементарной медицины Европейского института междисциплинарных исследований и образования в Ганновере, Германия. Защищена кандидатская диссертация на тему «НОВЫЙ ПОДХОД К ЛЕЧЕНИЮ НЕВРОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ ЗАБОЛЕВАНИЙ».   [:]...

[:pl]Publikacja książki[:en]The author of the book[:ru]Автор книги[:]

[:pl]"Praktyczne kompendium odmładzania i całkowitego uzdrawiania z chorób i raka." (more…)...

[:pl]Założyciel, rektor[:en]The rector and the founder of Academy of Regenerative Medicine[:ru]Основатель, ректор[:]

[:pl]Założenie Europejskiej Akademii Medycyny Ludowej (obecnie: Akademia Medycyny Regeneracyjnej) (more…)...

[:pl]Mistrz Bioenergoterapii[:en]Master of Bioenergy Therapy[:ru]Магистр биоэнерготерапии[:]

[:pl]Egzamin mistrzowski zdany przed Komisją Egzaminacyjną Izby Rzemieślników i Przedsiębiorców w Kielcach (more…)...


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